Bruce Conkle

Art and Ecology Show

Indivisible Gallery 
2544 SE 26 Avenue, Portland
Opens Saturday August 5th   6-9 pm

An exhibition of Pacific Northwest artists curated by Linda Wysong that coincides with the annual conference of Ecological Society of America (ESA) with the goal of advancing conversation and collaboration between the sciences and the arts.

Peg Butler
Bruce Conkle
Egg Dahl
Ardis Defreece
Adam Kuby
Vanessa Renwick
Buster Simpson
Linda Wysong

Additional viewing: Thursday, August 10, 6 - 9 pm

Saturdays – August 12, 19 and 26 noon to 5pm  and by appointment    Phone: 971-533-7785 ​

11th Taehwa Eco-River Art Festival
Ulsan, Korea

The Kool Aid Show- An Artificially Flavored Celebration of the End of Times
October - November 2017
Somewhere in or near Chicago
send your concerns and complaints to Paul Nudd

Paintallica’s  Worst Show Yet
Leedy Voulkos Art Center
April 7th - May 29th, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri 

Bruce Conkle - Surface GlitchBruce Conkle - Sketchbook GizaBruce Conkle - The Wooden Carrot
Surface Glitch
White Box at U of O
The Trouble With Nature
By Jill Gould for Citizen Brooklyn
Is The Snowman An Endangered Species?
By James Derek Sapienza

The Grand Calabash sculpture by Bruce ConkleThe Grand Calabash
Bruce Conkle - The Wooden CarrotThe Wooden Carrot
Paradise Lost
Rocket Tree
Tree Clouds
Bruce Conkle Eco Baroque Land Art Mongolia
Land Art Mongolia
with Marne Lucas
Magic Chunks
Everytime I look at the Moon
 I think of Crop Circles
Burls will be Burls

Warlord Sun King

Friendlier Fire
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Floating Forest
Landscape and Assassination
Hypnosystem Cluster 5
Captive Snowmen
Jardim Psychic
The Lala Zone Expedition


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