Bruce Conkle

Alternate Sunsets - Bruce Conkle at Nine Gallery
Alternate Sunsets
Opening Reception Wednesday July 3rd, 6 - 9 pm
Nine Gallery
122 NW 8th Avenue, Portland
July 3 - 28, 2019

Conkle in Corvallis at CEI Artworks Gallery

The Simple Act Of Cleaning Causes Objects To Deteriorate
We are simple creatures. We worry about stupid shit. We do stupid shit. We do not know why we are here.
The objects in this room are reflections on how our greatest technological developments have created a multitude of existential risks, similar to how the greedy golden touch of King Midas inevitably lead to famishment.

​One arts writer described me as “…the proverbial stranger come to heal the village with a whacky old prospector's assortment of things, mostly of the detritus kind, and mis-wired ancient magic spells that can never in a million years actually work.”*

But I keep trying.
*Don Carrol of Jack the Pelican

It was a long hot dusty summer...

Summer Forever

Dust to Dust

The Kool Aid Show- An Artificially Flavored Celebration of the End of Times
Spring? 20XX (undetermined yet)
Somewhere in or near Chicago
send any concerns and complaints to Paul Nudd

Bruce Conkle - Surface GlitchBruce Conkle - Sketchbook GizaBruce Conkle - The Wooden Carrot
Surface Glitch
White Box at U of O
The Trouble With Nature
By Jill Gould for Citizen Brooklyn
Is The Snowman An Endangered Species?
By James Derek Sapienza

The Grand Calabash sculpture by Bruce ConkleThe Grand Calabash
Bruce Conkle - The Wooden CarrotThe Wooden Carrot
Paradise Lost
Rocket Tree
Tree Clouds
Bruce Conkle Eco Baroque Land Art Mongolia
Land Art Mongolia
with Marne Lucas
Magic Chunks
Everytime I look at the Moon
 I think of Crop Circles
Burls will be Burls

Warlord Sun King

Friendlier Fire
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Lament for Middle Kingdom Earth
Floating Forest
Landscape and Assassination
Hypnosystem Cluster 5
Captive Snowmen
Jardim Psychic
The Lala Zone Expedition


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